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I’ve always loved seeing other people’s hand embroidery.  It’s like art with a needle.  I knew that I wanted to create something special to go on the wall of my little girls’ room, so I drew some scenes to make some embroidery hoop art patterns.  Everything was hand-stitched by me onto 100% linen fabric.  I absolutely love how they turned out, and I’m planning a whole room themed around them.  Click here and here to see some other elements that I made for the room.  If you need help with any of the stitches, I have video guides on my embroidery stitches guide page.

Free Embroidery Hoop Art Patterns

The best part about hand embroidery is always the little details!  French knots make great curls, and for the braids, I used a cross stitch.  The rainbow is a large running stitch and more french knots for the dandelions.  Do you see the lazy daisy stitched bows and the ends of the braids?  Details! 🙂  The two girls are supposed to represent my two daughters.  Leah’s hair isn’t quite that red or that curly,

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Free Embroidery Hoop Art Patterns

There is a different color fabric on the appliques to match each color in the rainbow.  I went for muted colors instead of bright.  Most of the fabrics were from my grandma’s stash that she let me dig through.  I tried to make it so all of them had a sort of vintage feel.  The hot air balloon is stuffed a little to make it pop out, and the pinwheel is 3D also.  The raindrops are lazy daisy stitches again because I think they are so cute!

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