10 Things Every Cancer Needs To Know Before Decorating Their Home

  • 01of 10Embrace Your Sentimental SideYou’re a nurturing and sentimental soul, so why not showcase it in your decor? Rather than buying decorations from Target, you can be a little more creative.Design a wall of photographs of your loved one, display decor items others have purchased for you, or go the DIY route. You genuinely believe a personal touch brings things together, and it will make all the difference in your home.
  • 02of 10Give Your Home a Silver LiningEvery zodiac sign has a power color, and for Cancers, it’s silver! Given that you’re ruled by the moon, it makes sense that this luminescent hue brings out your best qualities.Try adding in silver through metallic accents, shimmering decor, or even some silver removable wallpaper to spruce up an area. However you use it, silver adds some elegance without trying too hard. With its ability to pair well with other shades, you can easily find a way to make it part of your decor.
  • 03of 10Don’t Forget Your Personal SpacesCancers are known to be fantastic hosts, and you are always prepared to go out of your way to ensure others are taken care of. Often this means places like your living room, your kitchen, or even guest bathrooms look stunning and are the focus.However, don’t neglect spaces that are private, like your bedroom or your office. Just because others won’t see much of it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest in those rooms. Choosing to decorate with things you love will create a massive shift in your mood—and you deserve to take care of yourself, too.
  • 04of 10Comfort is KeyYour home is the place you spend most of your time, so ensuring it’s comfortable is essential! You value security and feeling grounded, so investing in soft blankets and comfy pillows is a great option.You may feel that to create a stylish room you need to sacrifice comfort for style–yet with so many options to choose from these days, you don’t need to!
  • 05of 10Create Boundaries in Your HomeAlthough you enjoy comfort, you also benefit from boundaries and structure. While it can be easy to allow each room to be used for a mixture of purposes, create separate places for work, relaxation, and entertaining. It will not only give direction on how to decorate but will let each room shine!
  • 06of 10Don’t be Afraid to RelaxLife can be exceptionally stressful, especially for Cancers who are always trying to balance other’s needs with their own. Your home is a haven from the outside world, so creating a calming atmosphere will benefit you.You can make the space relaxing by mixing soft textures, using candles, or introducing other forms of soft lighting. Working with calming colors such as a light blue or even white can really set the tone. 
  • 07of 10Incorporate Older StylesYou’re a bit of an old soul and drawn to items that have a history to them. You don’t have to abandon all modern touches, but there is a way to go old-school that is classic rather than outdated.Purchasing furniture with an antique touch or incorporating traditional styles into your home will allow your decor to feel timeless. Just be sure you don’t overdo it–you can have too much of a good thing in this case!
  • 08of 10Invest in Your KitchenCancer signs are often associated with the kitchen—whether due to a love of cooking or the joy of gathering your loved ones together over a meal for connection. You are intentional about the foods you make and the various items you use to create well-thought-out meals. With this in mind, don’t be afraid to invest more when it comes to decorating your kitchen.Choosing nice serving dishes you can proudly display or purchasing a lovely table for your guests to gather around are ideal ways to allow your kitchen to stand out. Continue to 9 of 10 below.
  • 09of 10Thrifting is Your Friend, but You Can Splurge SometimesIn your opinion, most things can be reused in some shape or form, and you take full advantage of that! You don’t need to buy brand new items to decorate your space, which is why thrift shopping is an excellent way to find decor for your home.However, it’s perfectly okay to splurge on some items on occasion, such as a comfortable bed that will last you years or a hand-crafted dining room table. You are allowed to treat yourself, especially when it involves the place you will spend most of your time.
  • 10of 10Clear Out The ClutterYou know you have a habit of hanging on to old items you don’t need. While some memories are certainly worth holding onto, take inventory of what matters and get rid of the things you don’t need anymore. You’ll likely be surprised at the number of items you’ve accumulated over the years!

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