10 Cozy Cabin Decor Ideas to Make Your Space Extra Homey

Cabin-like decor reminds us all of simpler times and brings about all of the warm and fuzzy feels, so there’s no wondering why it’s so popular right now. Feel like hopping on the bandwagon? Whether you’re inspired by your home’s architectural details—such as exposed brick and wooden beams—or just are looking to bring more comfort into your abode, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up 15 of our favorite rooms that absolutely nail cabin decor to a T.

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Crafty Quilts

Lisa Queen cabin decor
 Mary Liz Film

No cabin-like space is complete without a cozy quilt or two! Why not get creative when it comes to incorporating such textiles in a space? Designer Lisa Queen chose to revive a set of chairs with beloved Kantha quilts for a custom, comforting look.

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It’s All in the Details

Leanne Baud cabin decor
 Leanne Baud

When decorating a cabin-like bedroom, don’t forget to think beyond bedding and pay special attention to features such as lighting. In this space by Leanne Baud, a vintage looking lightbulb attached to the wall adds charm and makes reading in bed extra pleasant.

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Seeing Stars

Claire Knight cabin decor
 Claire Knight

Make it a starry night! Hanging string lights and star cutouts above the bed will make any sleep space feel like a cabin retreat. Claire Knight kept her comforter simple and opted to focus on the area above her bed instead, where she hung these fun fixtures and also displayed art.

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Sweet Storage

Keara Sexton cabin decor
 Keara Sexton

Think outside the box when it comes to wall art. Keara Sexton chose to hang up outdoorsy pieces such as a paddle, hat, and nature-themed scene. Bonus: Your walls can double as storage when you make your everyday essentials part of the decor.

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Tons of Texture

Angela Horwath cabin decor
 Angela Horwath

Mixing different types of fabrics creates that welcoming, lived-in look that makes cabins feel so special. Angela Horwath mastered this setup by mixing a kilim-inspred pillow cover with a rustic-looking plaid piece that pop on her sofa.

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Double Duty

Marta Dowling cabin decor
 Marta Dowling

Using a trunk as a coffee table, as Marta Dowling did, is an excellent way to create camp-like vibes in your very own living room. Better yet, large trunks like this one can make for extremely valuable storage. Stuff blankets, board games, and other night-in essentials inside, then sit back and enjoy a laid back evening at home. A sparkly chandelier will make you feel like you’re actually outdoors under the star.

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Marvelous Mix

Laura Coles cabin decor
 Laura Coles

Don’t be afraid to mix wood tones in a space, as Laura Coles did in this texture-filled bedroom. If you have exposed beams as Coles does, opt for furniture in a lighter hue to let this dramatic architectural feature really pop. Then soften up the look with knit throw blankets in soothing colors.

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Subtle Sweetness

Sophie Thurlow cabin decor
 Sophie Thurlow

Feeling minimalistic? Incorporating a couple of sweet accent pieces will give your space personality without making it look too busy. Sophie Thurlow hung a beautiful butterfly print above her bed to bring the outdoors into this soothing sleep space. Smaller antlers on either side of the art piece complement the room’s natural beams.

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